Maya Mastwijk (Woerden 1974)


Second-hand items – mostly parts of them – are combined into abstract sculptures. Glue, screws and adhesive tape are not used. All the individual parts need to stand, is each other.

While the composition seems logical and obvious, it is often surprising how the sculptures can remain balanced: the challenge is to get as close as possible to the boundary between falling and standing without crossing that boundary. In this way, the possibilities and impossibilities of the materials are used to the utmost. These sculptures are fleeting and cannot be fixed. If the object falls over, it no longer exists. That risk is an essential part of the artwork.

The past of the used items is no longer important. A beautiful perfect shape, transparency, texture or a specific property of the material are much more important. The sculptures are rarely higher than a meter and are usually placed on the ground.

These objects show that discarded objects can still have beauty and function. They also want to make you aware of what you throw away and make you think of alternative use and recyclilng. 

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Member of Beeldend Collectief Drenthe

(Im)p art expo Houten
October 22-24-2021
Thermen Houten, Tuibrug 4 Houten
More info: Kunstexpo Imp – Startpagina | Facebook

‘Corona en de verkoop’ (Corona and sales)
March 14 to april 11, 2021
Pictura Groningen
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Waste to Create
Online Exhibition November 2020 on YouTube Facebook and Instagram.

Eindexpo Nieuwe Akademie Utrecht
27 juni t/m 5 juli
Loods 6
KNSM-laan 143 Amsterdam (entrance at Surinamekade 30)
Open daily 12.00-18.00 hours, thursdag and friday 12.00-20.00 hours.
I will be present on Saturday June 27 and Wednesday July 1.

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